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Apex & SS Delays
(delay adjusted boosts)
Armor vs. Enemy Healing
(better armor helps kill harder critters)
what it is and how to use it)
The Ash Collector
summoning beasts)
The Ash Keeper
using ash for free upgrades)
Beast Drops
Data from Buldermar tracking who dropped what
Beasts Explained Beast Summoning
gold and ash requirements for all beasts)
Character Creation Guide
(all classes explained)
Citizen Quests
-Sky for DD
-Hev for Upgrades
Crafting Skills:
-Normal items
-Special items
Creatures, Names and Stats
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Dark Harvest Payouts
(How often DH has delivered while I was checking)
DotB vs. BP use
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Drop Rates by Location
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Dragon Wizard
(another Glitchless game)
Getting Started
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(game feature, not the real thing)
Glossary of RWK Terms
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Grandmaster Templar Skill Distributions Hermits, and other NPCs
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/info Command
(an option to get some help while playing RWK)
Item Stat Boosts
(how equipment affects player stats)
Official RWK Forums
A message forum operated by Glitchless
Puppy Messages
Shown when I'm named a mentor
(all quests explained)
Quests on the Surface
(what you can do without access)
Reaching level 10
(leveling quickly as a newbie)
(all relics explained)
Rules of RWK
(read this so you don't get yourself banned)
(all skills explained)
Sleeved Cards
(what they are and how to use them)
SS Delay
Skilling effectiveness vs. action delay
Surface Map with notes
(helps navigate the surface when you don't have lungs)
Thank You!
(acknowledgments of those who have helped me)

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15 March 2014
It's been a long time since my last update. I stopped actively playing RWK a few years ago but for quite some time I did log in daily to check for messages. Over the past year I've only been logging in sporadically. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me collect ash over the years but now I'm asking new players not to waste their /mentor choice on me. I don't play RWK anymore so I have no need for ash. If you want to name a mentor, pick a player who has helped you or who you see helping others and give that character your mentor ash. I don't plan any further updates to this site so I'll use this last one to thank those who named me mentor but have not been acknowledged.

Thank you all for your help
On Server 1: Headshotz, Bring The Rain, Vanitea, Hitherefacehere, Arrowtotheknee, Graenn, Bigboi4, Darkrizzing, Magnifico Gigantic, Shadedv1, Halty, Xyranthis, Grymtes, Jack The King, Magicdiablo1, Jomard, Beldintommy, Redbeard71, Kanab, Indigopanther, Bromax, Splarf, Kefla, Imzz, Shefanhow187, Doom Box, Amaranthinescorn, Subtle, Dhaos, Randomvamp, Bumpylog, Necromania, Scaran, Whocaresaboutme, and Conquest.
On Server 2: Drdracc, Darkraven74, Darthbane, Vampyy, Thunder Lord2, Secxs, Limeless, Overflow, Camps, Jav13, Primalrage, Prodigytwo, Grindmore, Polymath, Theyankie, Lucy Furr4, Amethystb, Ihatecreatingnames, Sephirothren, Kryptickhaos, Raikoumaru, Urdaeth, Q08, Kimmyy, Slay0r, Gabrielray5, Mistress Of Death, Fashpaste, Edrock, Kall Su, Stilk, Spammd, Hfinch, Lux Imperia, Sabin Figaro and Extragirth.

In retrospect, I'm amazed how long RWK has lasted. I started playing in late 2000 when the first version was offered by Glitchless as a temporary entertainment while they finished getting Dawn ready for testing. As it turned out, Dawn never got to the alpha stage but RWK is still going more than 14 years later. I never would have expected that much longevity back at the start. It's been a lot of fun and I thank those players who helped make the game enjoyable over the years. I also want to thank Jeff Friedman (a.k.a. GOD) for developing the game and running it.

17 September 2011
I'll start with a belated Happy Birthday to RWK, which had its tenth anniversary on 9 September.  During the first few years of the game Glitchless celebrated the event by introducing new features, but in more recent years the anniversary has gradually faded away.  I thought something might happen for the 10th since it's a milestone but it never even got a mention in the Announcements.  I guess that's emblematic of the game's current status at Glitchless.  I had been wondering if the company would even use the anniversary to put the game to rest, but things just keep rolling along unchanged.

Thanks - The flow of mentees has really slowed to a trickle this year so I don't feel a need to update very often.  I want to thank those who have named me their mentor: Auz, Tamina, Foxwood and Thumper3069 on Server 1; Timl, Redhawk5, Aviance, Jackachu<, Peaceful Gremlin, Spadeform, Thumper The Rabbit, Cannible, Courpse, Sordesne, Korath, Apex Predator, Emperor Mengsk, Gremory, Rykker, Tungston, and Yamatouk on Server 2.

23 July 2011
It looks like my updates are getting as rare as those from Glitchless, but with nothing happening in the game there's not much for me to add here.

Thanks - to the players who have recently named me their mentor, your help has gotten me within 8k ash of SoSe on Server 1: Dexflex, Homefry2121, Justbob722, Sir Valiant, Rastasamuria, Thestorm, Shadowkitty, Rauko, Go Jets Go, Flameriot96, Gortok, Annoying Badger, Lord Pirro, Demoralize, and Slapshit on Server 1; Prodigy Two, Rignol, Lyuun, Double Penetration, Internet, Amirabdin, Guderian, Acme, Hiroshui, Evil Dr Porkchop, Sampenth, Hildar Demanin, Shadow Servant, Krahm, Lord Goku, Timtam1174, Dag71, Terrick, Ghost Love Score, Merlinmage, Doom Bunny and Lindel Whisperwind on Server 2.

4 February 2011
Thanks - to the players who have most recently named me their mentor: Squara, Shootemup, Emonagger, Razarel Hano, Joharassit, Krakilinss, Mumminator2008, Psyke, Techytitan, and Tarlom on Server 1 and Giersezr, Delbur, Surzerker, Taladar, Hraithamar, Psychadelicwendigo, Roland Blackheart, and Lord Kishemo on Server 2.

Crafted Items

Prices dropped so much that crafting for other players is not worth the time it takes to do.  I have listed crafting costs and any stat boosts in the crafting tables section.


All relics are explained on the help site, and I have also made my own version of that table with additional information.

RWK Information

The Official RWK help site at http://www.racewarkingdoms.com/help/

Cyril’s site at http://www.angelfire.com/rpg2/rwk4/